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  1. What are the credit score requirements? We are typically looking for credit scores above 560 to rent. NOTE-Your security deposit may be determined by your credit score. Click here to view our standard tenant selection criteria.
  2. Is a credit check required? Yes. Typically background checks and credit checks are required. NOTE-Click here to view our standard tenant selection criteria.
  3. How can I improve my credit score? Let us help! Speak with Continental Credit – OR – use Rental Kharma to report your past rental payment history. TIP – You might also want to enroll in Experian Boost (or other credit score utility payment reporting tools.)
  4. What documents do you require? A complete rental application will include 3 of the most recent pay stubs and a copy of your license. In addition to that, a credit and background report is needed.
  5. What is due upon application approval? You’re typically required to pay the first month’s rent in addition to the security deposit upon approval. So, in other words, if your application is approved, you’re responsible for 2xs the rental amount upon approval. NOTE-Your security deposit may be determined by your credit score.
  6. When can I view the property? Once the application is approved in most cases or if the property manager/landlord takes a referral from Savvy Estates ATL. We charge $20 per listing. We encourage you to use Google Maps, research Crime in the area, do a drive-by, etc.
  7. Can I have pets in my rental home? Depends upon each property/owner. An additional pet deposit may be required.
  8. Do you charge a retainer fee? Yes, our real estate firm charges a minimum of $500. If we are able to receive compensation from the landlord/property manager then we’ll pass that savings to you. Ask up about the specific listing you’re interested in.
  9. Did you know? You may be qualified to purchase – If your credit score is above 620 you may be eligible to purchase.